ChakraBabe is Born

ChakraBabe was born on the road between Albuquerque and Denver.

It came in the form of an “eighth chakra download”, to use the words of  Carolyn Myss, medical intuitive and energetics wonder. Divine inspiration. The gestation period from idea to action took some time and the project did not see delivery into the physical world until my dissolution in divorce.

My husband, struggling with his own second chakra issues, had the unscripted, raw honesty to tell me he was choosing his personal indulgences over our marriage. And that was it, ChakraBabe travelled through my energetic being, from inspiration and idea to words, feelings and action, then into the physical realm, becoming grounded in my reality.

 I spent eight years in my marriage. I learned to run a million dollar per year small business by doing it. I worked for my husband and for myself. For the Greater Good. It was as if, that January day last year, the Universe was telling me it was time to create something of my own.

So divorce proclamation, skills and a ridiculously symbolic amount of seed money in hand, I have marched forth. Onward and upward through my energetic system, carrying this labor of love.

I have incorporated, spent my seed money, made choices on product and design. Into my fourth chakra, I have committed to this endeavor and now, in my fifth, I am writing about it to the world.

 ChakraBabe incarnates – the birth announcements are out.


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