Settling my Estate

Pushing forward on product, business and web development, I am also in the midst of wresting a divorce decree from my (now ex-) husband, the attorneys and the court. I can’t imagine a better third chakra school. Affirmations like, I stand up for myself, I direct my own life, I am worthy of kindness and respect – barely suffice to steel me for the rigors of legal combat.

And still I make my way through the subject material. As I often tell my daughter, failure is not an option.

I chose the marriage I just undid for a reason. I see the need I had for emotional support and the hope which compelled me to exchange vows to this end. I understand only I can support my emotional needs, whether they are rooted in past experience, a negated inner child or simply an inherent need for love. My marriage was a unequal energetic experience I opted to see through so I could learn these things.

Smart girl and experiential learner that I am, I got it, and I got moving.


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