Move or be Still

The minute I made the decision to move – from my marriage, from my typical work experience, from the day to day hamster wheel of suburban survival – I was overwhelmed.

Too much to do. I moved out of my former home in seven hours. I found a job to pay the mortgage and started a company at the same time. Single mom, bread winner, entrepreneur and housekeeper.

Like so many independent, creative women I know, some inching their way forward, some losing ground, I find myself sitting at the stoplight five minutes behind schedule, divorce rash burning a hole in my skin, a Rolodex of to-do’s spinning through my head  (this analogy dates me, I know). Ten tasks on every card, no way to catch up, no way to stop the constant lists of deliverables from flashing through my thoughts. The discomfort on my  skin is a metaphor for the avalanche of change, the rattling in my head a persistent distraction from the moment.

How to balance?

How do I get myself to remember that this stoplight is exactly where I should be – where I need to be?


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