Take a Deep Breath and Balance

In this average American life – frenetic from first light to the sigh as your head, last bill paid, last dish washed and offspring asleep, hits the pillow at night – what is balance? Enough resources to go around? Or the art of partnering with the Universe to manage those resources with grace, presence and gratitude, knowing there will always be enough…

Any type of balance starts with intent. I came out of such an epically unbalanced environment that it took time to find mine. And even then, layering the tools of energetic management over my intent to lead a more balanced life, I found my footing shaky.

Just the blessing of a peaceful household was enough at first as I took my tools, meditation, mindfulness, stones, color, breath, and put them to work trying to balance my chakras and my life. Did it work – was it a magic formula for bliss? No. I still have ungrounded days and a cluttered mind. But I find myself setting my intent more often, I see more grace, take more walks with my dogs and I have dedicated myself to love in a new way.

This intent to balance has been a catalyst for greater beauty in my life. For that I am incredibly grateful and my heart chakra spins in perfect rotation. One down…


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