King of my nether regions,
of the heretofore uninhabited spaces,
Emperor of my euphoria and
Benevolent ruler of my heart,
I beseech you –

To avail yourself of me with gentle hand,
at sunrise and the dark of land’s end,
in the stillness of absolute slumber;
to govern my emotions with
tender attention to nuance
and to allocate your affections with
diligence and broad scope.
I petition that the safe passage
of my loyalty be guarded
with no less than a warrior’s ferocity,
just as I supplicate you to maintain
the inroads of my faith with conviction
and to reign with compassion and ardor
for all our days together.

And I, my sovereign love,
vow to encircle our nation of two
with ramparts anchored
in unwavering allegiance.
I will lay the lilies of my devotion,
the wild poppies that burn like my desire,
the riot of my spring
at your feet. From the
precarious heights of my passion
I will shout your name to the heavens,
and spin hours and days for you
that shimmer with the luster of an affection
immune to the tarnish of time.

From our purchase on the rocky outcrop
of this kingdom, tigers pacing below us,
hands in your hair and my back
against the precipice –

I abandon myself to your sway.


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