Getting Grounded

on the roadIn my last post I included an image of a beaded bracelet with a first chakra design. It, like the ChakraBabe project, came into existence on the road between Texas and Colorado. New Mexico is truly God’s country and I have traversed the breadth of it with loving attention.

In Albuquerque I had the fortune of working with an incredibly talented Native American bead and jewelry artist. Together we created the First Chakra bracelet. It was a rewarding process, and part of my grounding in ChakraBabe. I included the bracelet in my earlier post because on the personal front, as I mentioned, I have felt a yearning for a positive connection to my foundation.

I am a terrible meditator, I have to confess. I can quiet my riotous mind only for so long, so, though it is the currency of spiritual awareness, my sessions are brief. Ten minutes of mindfulness in the morning, calibration toward presence during the day and a walk in the evening. For more than that, my Type A personality gets in the way. This is why I try to enhance my elementary meditations by other means – attentive travel, design projects, research, writing.

These interests led to the compendium of balancing tools I recently placed on the blog. Under each Chakra link you will find characteristics of the particular vortex and tools to help you attain the energetic equilibrium you seek. I will continue to share insights with you on this front as I will share designs and objects I find that speak to the Chakras.

If you have found rituals or items to be especially helpful in the pursuit of balance, please share!


The Alchemy of Scrambled Eggs

Root Chakra Bracelet

Reconnect to your root with 1st Chakra bracelet

I have spent these last weeks ripping out the roots of my married life. Irradicating my past all the way down to altering my former identity – dealing with social security, name changes and account modifications. Oh my God, the amendments seem endless and the final effect, when the required changes are commingled with the ongoing details of every day existence, is completely ungrounding.

Though having my feet in the air is really an opportunity to plant them somewhere else. The discipline is leaving the decision as to where up to the Universe. Trusting the unfolding days to take me where I need to be is an exercise in meditation, self love and extreme patience. I have good days and bad. I make beautiful coffee in the morning, get my seventh grader out the door, try to spend time outside. And I want to believe, more than anything else right now, when I look back over my life the dots will connect.

Sometimes in the chaos I have a moment of perfect presence, giving me an idea of what all those connecting dots will look like. I might be in the kitchen, slicing onion, beating eggs, chopping basil and parsley – and the colors will strike me, the marvel of the application of heat and blending of flavors in the creation of something that didn’t exist a moment before. In that instant of grounding in the physical world, a spiritual window opens. Through that window I can see when the time comes to leave the avalanche of detail and sensory input that is this life, I will miss the magic of scrambling eggs.

And other grounding exercises.