3rd Chakra Characteristics

Solar Plexus Chakra

Sanskrit name – Manipura – Lustrous Gem
Center of Personal Power

Location – Below breastbone

Impulses Passions
Self Confidence Self Esteem Anger

Physical Body – Metabolic and digestive systems, muscles
Physical Aspect – Digestion
Mental Aspect – Personal Power
Emotional Aspect – Expansiveness
Spiritual Aspect – Growth
Parallel Gland – Adrenal gland and adrenal cortex
Element – Fire
Deity – Braddha Rudra
Color – Yellow to gold
Sense – Sigh
Gem Stones – Amber, Citrine, Gold Topaz
Verb – “I do”
Associated Animal – Tiger

Balanced energy: strong sense of personal power, intelligent, spontaneous, expressive, enjoying physical activities and good food.


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