6th Chakra Characteristcs

Sixth Chakra – Third Eye

Sanskrit name – Ajna – The End of Duality

Location – Center of forehead

Balancing higher and lower self

Physical Body – Autonomic nervous system, eyes, ears, nose
Physical Aspect – High vibrational energy
Mental Aspect – Visual consciousness
Emotional Aspect – Intuitive clarity
Spiritual Aspect – Inner vision
Parallel Gland – Pineal gland
Element – Telepathic energy
Deity – Ardhanarishvara
Color – Indigo
Sense – Though
Gem Stones – Lapis, Sapphire, Quartz Crystal, Sodalite
Verb – “I see”
Associated Animal – Owl, Black Antelope

Balanced energy: trusting inner guidance, balanced higher and lower self, self-mastery, not attached to the material.


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