When Love Comes to Town

Elvis and I loving ChakraBabe.

Elvis and I loving ChakraBabe.

Three years ago I bought a piece of graphic art. It was during a dark time, the narrowing just before change blows life wide open, and I was looking for a message – a sign.

That is exactly what I found. A sign. Bold white letters painted on a creamy background spelling out a message in all caps, one I was yearning for: “This life is yours to create. Be true to who you are, recognize the beauty that surrounds you, be the architect of your own destiny.”

Every morning and every night for the last three years I have brushed my teeth in front of that sign: be true, be aware, be creative. Somewhere along the line I think I got it – and what I got was do what you love. Trying to live that insight, I started ChakraBabe. It is miraculous what love can do. Not the “oh baby, I can’t live without you” kind – but the discipline of love. Getting up every day orienting your thoughts and actions around doing what you love. And, more critically, loving what you do.

Between them, the rhythm of those two choices has gently rocked my days, raising the level of the engagement one small increment at a time. Eventually distinctions disappear – presence, work, duty, prayer, the lines fade and it all takes on a sheen of love.

Chakrababe is now online and open for business. Go to www.chakrababe.com and see what the artists there have crafted for your chakra balance. Hopefully, you will love what you find, raising the level of the ChakraBabe community higher with every treasured item you call yours.

– The heart chakra is the source of unconditional love and compassion, our humanitarian center and the gateway into higher states of consciousness. In the heart your life purpose becomes clear as you express the energy of love.

Shouting Out

Some days start rough. You’ve gone to bed the night before aching like your run from the flu has tanked just before the finish line, no last minute vitamin or herbal remedy to the rescue, the body seeking solace in a dark room and uninterrupted day sleep. But there are school lunches to be made and the cable is down.

This is a post about communication in its most fundamental form.

Fifth Chakra  Reinforcement - Turquoise Glass Earrings

Fifth Chakra Reinforcement – Turquoise Glass Earrings

Why is the cable down? It is continually problematic – my fifth chakra spinning backwards at the thought of dealing with the cable provider yet again. That means no phone, no Wi-fi, not even the comfort of pajama work when work, whether you feel like it or not, is inevitable. So you’re up. A tentative engagement with the world at best, but movement.

In an unheard of turn of events, the cable company truck arrives five minutes early. The doorbell rings and a young woman – for the first time, as it is always and forever some dude talking a cable hook-up language I do not speak – this girl with a soft demeanor and androgynous uniform steps into my home. She is Anna, and she sees what no cable guy has seen so far, repairing the connection and boosting the signal just like that, no rough stuff, no holes in the wall or dirt on my floor. She is quiet and mercifully effective. Angel of Wireless Signal – she turns to me to speak and, it is a comment on the decor! With her soft gaze, efficiency and observation, she restored not only my ability to communicate with the world, but my desire to do so.

Anna, this post is dedicated to your grace and your aptitude, may your salary be commiserate with both.