Choice Points – The Third Chakra

Poetry has been my inner witness for years. The instrument that allowed me to experience the challenges and joys of my passage through life without being overrun by emotion or unnecessary drama.

Citrine stone - Third Chakra balancing tool

Citrine stone – Third Chakra balancing tool

The concept is called “sakshi” in Sanskrit, the capacity each of us has to disengage from our thoughts or emotions andĀ observe them. Through poetry, the process of observation – though the event or occurrence might be painful or difficult – has always brought me back around to beauty, an essence I somehow find at the root of most everything.

The choice of transmutation through observation and expression. And the choice to share those writings with the world. This week I published a short collection of poems on my blog – others, hopefully to follow. Please take a moment to witness my witness. Who can say where it will take us?


In the third chakra one finds self esteem and sense of responsibility. It also anchors our feelings of identity.

Here we undertake a journey of personal growth, shifting from the illusions of limited mind and conditioned opinion into true choice and vast creative options.

Here we determine our direction.

Fork in the road

“But the Hebrew word, the word timsel – ‘Thou mayest’ – that gives choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open…” – John Steinbeck, East of Eden